The Strong Tower Children's Home provides a godly atmosphere to children that would otherwise live an abusive life on the streets or much worse. We chose the name "Strong Tower" based on the verse in Proverbs 18:10 "The name of the Lord is a strong tower: the righteous runneth into it, and is safe". (KJV)  Our goal is to provide a safe place for these children and point them to the ultimate safety by calling on the name of the Lord.

Strong Tower Children's Home is located in the mountainous regions of El Salvador where some of the best coffee in the world is grown.  We started Strong Tower Coffee with the goal of being more auto-sustainable. Right now we are caring for 14 children.  Soon these children are going to become adults and they will need a decent job which is difficult to find in El Salvador.  So we are trying to get a business going to be able to provide those decent jobs that they will need.

Starting in 2001 with just three children in a rented home in metropolitan San Salvador the Strong Tower Children’s Home has grown to now in 2018 give 14 children a chance to have something better than the abusive life on the streets or worse that awaited them.

Strong Tower children's home

So… when you buy STRONG TOWER COFFEE you have the double blessing of drinking some of the best coffee on the planet and at the same time knowing that your decision to buy our coffee is helping to finance the Children’s Home, the Strong Tower Christian Day School, and other ministries that associated with Strong Tower Children’s Home. Your choice to drink our coffee will allow us to take one more small step toward self-support and with time even giving our children (ages 4 to 16) a chance to have an honorable job. Thank you!


Leadership and History

Under the organizational structure of the conservative Mennonite churches in El Salvador and with the help of volunteers from the churches of El Salvador, Central America, and the United States we are giving these children the opportunity to grow up in a godly home atmosphere.

Since 2006 when the Children’s Home moved to the rural coffee farm where it is now located, as we have time, we have been learning about growing and processing the coffee on our several acre coffee farm. The demand for our carefully chosen and processed product has grown to the place where our supply no longer meets the demand. There just isn’t enough of our mid-altitude coffee to meet the demand.

In 2009 the Strong Tower Coffee Group was organized with the vision of buying, processing, and selling the even better coffee (high altitude coffee) that is available from nearby farms higher up on the same San Salvador Mountain above the Strong Tower Children’s Home. We didn’t know anything about the sophisticated coffee processing equipment we would need or how to find the financing to buy coffee from the coffee farmers at a fair price, but we took the step of faith to register our trademark and start to get all the permits that are required to buy, process, and export coffee from El Salvador.

Through several God-ordained contacts we were able to buy the equipment and find financing to now make it possible to offer you this exceptional high quality grade of coffee.